Iron Mike (real name unknown) is a bottom tier "hero" who seems to live by shaking down villains (super or otherwise) after they've made a score. He's some kind of a brick, probably an exemplar. He appears to still live at his parent's home. Apparently the police actually like him, which is probably why he hasn't been stomped on. Hard. The Dragonslayers don't like him.

A man with a half mask that barely concealed his features, wearing a studded leather vest and an elaborate belt that could have been used as the trophy of a wrestling champion stalked out of the alley. “Okay, enough of this crap! Where’s the fukkin’ money, dirtbag?” Aside from the mask, belt, vest and a pair of reinforced gloves, the man’s outfit was woefully prosaic: heavy jeans and a long red turtleneck sweater. The belt fit the man, as he definitely had a professional wrestler’s build.
As he stomped over to Romeo and the reeling man in white, you could see ‘Iron Mike’ spelled out in studs across the back. ‘Iron Mike’ pulled Romeo off the man in white and looked at him for a second. He muttered, “Piss off, faggot,” and backhanded the man in white, knocking hoarfrost off the man’s outfit.[1]
“According to the guys, he has some weird psychic sense,” Thrasher explained. “Somehow he just knows when there’s action going down, and if someone has money. He also knows if the odds are against him in a fight. So he never gets in a fight he knows he can’t win. So, he goes around shaking down street level supervillains after their agents have paid them off.”[1]


He appears a couple of times in the Bad Seeds Christmas story.[2]

A few months later, Iron Mike got involved in the fight at Cutting Edge when the Anti-Champion sent his minions to attack the Wilkins' holdings in NYC;[3] apparently, his greed overwhelmed what little good judgement he has, as he normally wouldn't have gotten into the middle of a fight where he was so thoroughly outnumbered and outmatched.


The reason the Dragonslayers don't like Iron Mike:

“Well, they said that ‘Iron Mike’ is reserved for a statue to fallen Marines at Parris Island, and punk-ass super-dorks who never go into a fight they’re not sure they can’t breeze through have no right to it.”


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