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It's Good to be the Don is a story by Bek D. Corbin, released on 2006-10-03. It takes place on 2006-10-23.


Upon learning that Team Kimba is likely to become an actual threat to his efforts to take over Whateley's student body, Don Sebastiano decides to break them up by using his psychic powers, a plan which grows yet more complicated when he learns, via Hekate, that Generator will be the primary obstacle to his plans. He then takes the time to draw several members into his web and isolate them from the rest of the crew, specifically Lancer, Fey, and Chaka. Chaka catches him at it, and inadvertently manages to catch his psychic probe in her own chakra, leading to an investigation and castigation by Mindbird and Dr. Carstaires. Upon that resolution, Sebastiano is forced to a three-week detention at Hawthorne Cottage... where he is chosen to clean toilets.