J. Parkinson Dunmore, or "Parky" to friends, is one of the sharpest lawyers in New York. He is on retainer to Leonides Daibliku and is the legal guardian of Leonides' children, Jadis and Malachi. In Jadis' own words:

J. Parkinson Dunmore is Five-Six, maybe 180 pounds dripping wet, fifty-something years old, balding, and Central Casting would send him out for roles as an accountant. He looks like a wimp.
J. Parkinson Dunmore is to legal jurisprudence what Tinsnip is to contract assassination. He is THE guy you never want to hear is on your ass. He is tough, ruthless, effective, canny, and utterly relentless. What? You thought that Dr. Dad would make just any lawyer my Legal Guardian? And Parky takes his duties deadly serious.[1]

Gen 2Edit

Frost has him work as Tyler Collier's lawyer.[2]