Jackalope, formerly known as Jack Rabbit (John Mitchell) was a self-styled "superhero" of dubious morality and sanity. It's theorized that he was a former high school jock who went to an adult life of mediocrity. He and his girlfriend at the time stumbled into an old hideout of Dominion and found the supervillain's set power gems. Mitchell used three of them to become the superhero "Jack Rabbit" and attempt to relive his glory days.

After his defeat at the hands of the Imp and Superhawk, when he lost a foot and had his unethical acts revealed,[1] he joined the Imp Revenge Squad and eventually embraced his new status as a villain with a new codename, "Jackalope".[2]


As Jack Rabbit, he wore a green and light grey costume with touches of gold metal trim. A green mask covers the upper part of his face, but doesn't cover his dark brown hair.[3]

As Jackalope, he kept the green and grey colors, but his new costume is a cross between tactical gear and lightweight armor, with a full face-covering mask.


His power gems gave him:

  • heightened physical abilities (strength, stamina, reflexes) on a par with an exemplar 2 or 3
  • some sort of kinetic powers that let him jump far and powerful "rabbit punches."
  • mind control[3]

After losing his power gems[1], he resorted to using technological weaponry he might have previously "confiscated" from villains. Of note is a green-glowing power gauntlet that might have belonged previously to the Green Gauntlet,[4] capable of shooting shockwave blasts.

"Mouse Girl"Edit

He kidnaps children and mind-controls them to act as his "sidekick." He has gone through at least 4 sidekicks, one is in a wheelchair, two are dead, and the fourth has disappeared.[3]

Jack Rabbit always uses names for his sidekick with "Mouse" in it. Mischief is his latest "Mouse Girl."



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