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Jade 3 - Being a Girl is a story by Babs Yerunkle featuring Jade, released on 2004-10-04. It runs from 2006-09-07 to 2006-09-24. Preceded by Jade 2 - Away from Home and followed by Jade 4 - Bottle a Jinn.


9: Day One[]

Jade has her first real schoolday at Whateley, and she is happy that she is passing as a girl at Whateley. She comes up with new ways to help herself pass in situations such as the girls' showers.

10: Strange Studies[]

Team Kimba stakes their claim at a corner at the sunroom. However, Jade wants to become a girl for real, so she asks Toni about changing her Ki. Toni says that it's harder than it seems, but that Jade does not, in fact, have a masculine Ki. The next day, however, Toni gives her an avenue for investigation. Also, Jade and Jinn have their first experience in the Whateley sewers.

11: High school exams[]

Jade her first consultation with Dr. Traekham, who confirms Toni's idea and wants to pursue it. Later, she receives a disturbing message from the school Administration.

12: Hosed and piped[]

Ms. Hartford tries to get Tennyo tagged as dangerous and sent to Hawthorne Cottage, but Zenith arranges a hearing to contest the ruling. In the meantime, Jade learns to string cable.

After the hearing, Charlie Lodgeman tells Jade what happened to her father after she left. And Jade figures out something about Tennyo.

13: The Tunnel of Slugs[]

Dr. Traekham suggests trying hypnosis, which Jade accepts—with some precautions. She has her first hypnosis session with Dr. Bellows.

Jade's job in maintenence is sometimes interesting and sometimes disgusting, but the most dangerous job is to go clean out the place where the sewer system drains into a mystic portal. Stan and Morrie take Jade and Jinn with them on this job.

In the end, Jade watches Casablanca, and muses on what its themes mean to her.