Dreams and Awakenings is by Babs Yerunkle, was published on 2006-07-09 and runs from 2006-11-15 to 2006-11-26. It is the sixth story about Generator. It is preceded by Jade 5 - Redefining Jade and followed by Jade 7 - Over the Top.


33: In the dragon's lairEdit

Thuban requests a visit by Jade and Jinn, and a demonstration of her powers.

34: Heart's desireEdit

Thuban offers Jade an attempt in the BIT-slicer... for a price.

35: CostsEdit

In return, he wants her animating a gargoyle, "Lazuli," at his Faction 3 meetings.

36: Body shoppingEdit

Jade considers who to ask for a BIT donor.

37: I want your body!Edit

After going to a dance, she asks Tennyo to be the donor for her template, who agrees.

38: Bring back my body to meEdit

Jade keeps practicing with the Lazuli body.

39: BitchesEdit

Tempest challenges Jade to prove she is really a girl by coming to the Lesbian Hot Tub party, and in a fit of recklessness, Jade accepts. She gets Wallflower to come with her.

40: PreparationsEdit

Jinn requests help from James Bourne for the Faction 3 meetings. The TGs hold a ceremony for the Day of Remembrance.

41: What are little girls made of?Edit

The first run in the BIT-slicer doesn’t change Jade’s body, but during the attempt Jade sees the Star Stalker and accepts her mark, without Tennyo being consciously aware of it. The next time Jade charges Jinn, she looks like Tennyo.

42: The Truth about JadeEdit

Sara figures out that Jade is actually a shape-shifter, not a repressed Exemplar.

43: UnderUnder wearEdit

At the first Faction 3 meeting she attends, Lazuli kisses Skinner, and meets Fubar, who shows her a memory of a TG girl, Jan Stilton, who was killed when her secret came out.

44: In hot waterEdit

Jade uses plastic prosthetics to make herself look like a girl for the hot tub party.

45: We don't need no stinkin' badges!Edit

The students are informed about MID registrations, and Jade muses if she should get a MID for Jinn. The Kimbas meet Samantha Everheart.

46: If at first you don't succeed…Edit

The second attempt in the BIT-slicer works, and gives Jade a body that looks like Tennyo’s, which makes her extremely happy.

47: The real thingEdit

It's Thanksgiving, and Jade has a lot to be thankful for. Meanwhile, Poise and Peeper get into an argument. Jade offers her services as a bodyguard to Sara.

48: SuspicionsEdit

However, Fey and Sara worry about the spell that had been keeping Jade stuck, and the new relationship between Jade and Tennyo. Jade sets up a date with Thuban to thank him.

49: Peeper reaches new heightsEdit

Jade experiments harassment from Peeper and responds accordingly. She discovers some interesting interactions between her power and Mithril.

50: CelebrationsEdit

At the second Faction 3 meeting, Lazuli talks to Montana and Tool, and later agrees to help Tool with her uncontrolled shapeshifting by giving up her body.

51: Dress upEdit

When Jade tries to put in earrings, she discovers she has become a regenerator. Jade and Shroud both get MIDs.

52: First DateEdit

Jade and Thuban go out, and they both learn a lot about each other.

53: Black MagicEdit

After Jade’s date with Thuban, she participates in Hekate’s spell to give her gargoyle body to Tool.

54: Disaster strikesEdit

Hekate hadn’t mentioned the spell involved a demon eating the donor’s soul, but Tennyo saves Jade and destroys the demon.

55: Any priceEdit

The next day, Jade starts to revert from Tennyo’s figure, back to her normal body. She tries to stop it by taking knives to herself and cutting the boy parts out.

56: Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how'd you like the play?Edit

As she is now a regenerator, it neither works nor kills her, though it does freak out her friends. Thuban gets angry that she can no longer be Lazuli.

57: ImprovementsEdit

Thuban apologizes, and takes her on another date.

58: Future dreamsEdit

Thuban discovers something startling.

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