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Jade 9 - Sit In is the ninth Jade story by Babs Yerunkle. It was published on January 18, 2009 and covers January 6 and 7, 2007.


Jade decides to advertise her services as a babysitter. Her first clients are none less than the Amazing Three, who need somebody to take care of a baby they rescued from some sort of infernal dimension while they seek advice from Charlie Lodgeman. Since Jade has no CPR training, she talks Billie (who has it) into tagging along.

The baby turns out to be nothing of the sort, but a demon named Phesclangorenthal in disguise. Pressed for time and underestimating the girls, he makes his move -- but ends up locked in the Quarantine Dimension with an annoyed Jade and a hungry Tennyo.

Suffice to say, he agrees to any condition Jade imposes if she will protect him from Tennyo. When the Amazing Three return, they find a much more cooperative demon-in-a-baby.