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Edward Samson, Marine unit call sign Jeckel, was a member of the Marine unit (Equalizer) that was the source of the Dragonslayer rumors. He and his twin brother, Heckel, are Exemplar-1s and have a twin link that lets them see through each other's eyes. Very few people can tell them apart, possibly including themselves. They are both incorrigible pranksters, and when they went to Whateley they lived in Twain and were part of the Underdogs and the Grunts.

As a young Lance-Corporal, "About eight or nine years ago" from December 10, 2006, Jeckel wrote a tactical essay called 'Mutant Shock and the Modern Infantryman' that talked about how to effectively fight with and against mutants in the military.[1] He had been working in Derry, Maine, as a laborer, with his twin, until they and the rest of the Dragonslayers were hired by Whateley Academy.

He is married and has two kids.


The Dragonslayers take on the Lamplighter during a Parkour run in Boston.[2]

Mrs. Carson calls Jeckel to tell him that Erik Mahren is not expected to recover.[3]

The Dragonslayers get involved with the Bad Seeds and the DeVille Academy kids during the Bad Seeds layover in New York.[4]

When the Dragonslayers were hired by Whateley Academy at the start of Fall 2007, he and Heckel were assigned as Range instructors, and given authority over the secure lockers and back cage. [5]



Jeckel is not his mutant code name, unless he changed it from his original one. Erik Mahren (Hijacker) started calling the twins Heckel and Jeckel after the cartoon characters, and the names stuck.