Julie Robinson was Brandon Franks' former girlfriend, from before he turned into Pejuta.[1]

She turned into a Canotila due to her mutation.[2]

And had moved to be with her maternal aunt in Minneapolis as of June 30, 2007.[3]


Physical DescriptionEdit

As reported by Brandon Franks on Valentine's Day 2007, Wednesday, February 14, 2007,:

she was curvier than a Formula One race track


Shoulder-length wavy dark hair, trim, athletic figure with just the right amount of curves. Gorgeous face, with soft blue eyes, very kissable lips, and not a blemish or flaw on her perfect skin that still bore the remnants of a golden summer tan.[1]


Julie really had a thing for jocks, and staying active in other sports was one way to ensure that I remained the focus of her attention. She was a damned good kisser[1]
knew of at least three guys she'd screwed, and that she had a bit of a reputation of being a good lay for jocks. Despite that, she was a sweet girl, and we'd agreed when we started dating that we wouldn't go past some petting, because she was trying to get her libido in check and restore her reputation.[1]



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