Kaiju (Sadhira Patel) is a "shell" manifestor who suffers from Manifestation Augmented Tissue Deformity. Her manifested shell takes a reptilian form, similar to a T-Rex. Consequently, she is becoming more reptilian in appearance, even developing a reptilian tail. However, she is still cute, even sexy, with an appearance reminiscent of the "Kaiju Girls" which can be found in some Internet forums -- whence her codename.

She's also an electronics genius -- not a gadgeteer or a devisor, but a legitimate genius whose services are very well-regarded in the Workshop.

She has a significant part in The Big Idea[1]

She had an attraction to Ace, wagging her tail when he 'interrogated' her.[1]


Although her MATD is causing her to gradually change, the following passage describes her appearance as of December 2006:[1]

Her skin was green, and the legs that came from out of her skirt were digigrade, like a bird’s, and instead of a dainty foot, they ended in largish talons. Behind her, a whip-like tail twitched back and forth like an annoyed cat. Her hands were slightly overlarge and clawed. A slight muzzle obscured her face. All in all, she gave the suggestion of an anthropomorphic carnosaur. And yet, for all that, she was still damned cute. The muzzle didn’t disfigure her face, beyond a rather endearing puppyish quality. The rest of her features were handsome and feminine, and her clothing did nothing to conceal the fact that she had a figure that would have done a Hindu temple proud. Her hair was neon purple, pulled back into a ponytail with bangs. She looked weird, but damned cute.

She also has violet cat's-eyes.



Fall 2006Edit


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