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Kamuro (Rhiannon "Ree" Davies) is one of the Underdogs.


Rhiannon is the youngest daughter of a financially comfortable middle class family from Binghamton, New York. She came into her powers during the Summer vacations in 2006. Unfortunately, she couldn't control them, and continuously emitted sparks from her hands. Fortunately, her parents managed to keep her power emergence under wraps with a cover story of "mono", found out about Whateley and sent her there -- with another cover story, this time of her getting a scholarship. Eventually Rhiannon learned to control her sparks, but her powers didn't go beyond that -- rather unimpressive for Whateley. Her old friends and schoolmates are unaware that she's a mutant.[1]

Her codename, "Kamuro", refers to a type of Japanese fireworks. The name was suggested by Phase during Basic Martial Arts class.


At the 2006 Halloween Dance Rhiannon, along with the rest of the Faerie Queen Appreciation Society, gets a picture taken with Fey! Fey's costume is soo cool![2]

Aquerna spends her Christmas vacation with Rhiannon and her family.[1]

She shows up in many of Aquerna's stories.


Fall 2006[]

Her English and Math classes are more advanced than what Aquerna is taking.[5]

Winter 2007[]