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Kane Hall by E.E. Nalley, unfinished

Kane Hall is one of the Whateley Campus main buildings. Located between Shuster Hall and Dunn Hall [1] it houses the Campus Security and the physical sciences as well as the campus observatory. Many of the Labs of the Advanced Technologies Program are below Kane Hall. The main building extends for 4 floors above ground,[2] and there are a number of basement levels.


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The security offices in first floor are located to the right hand side of the entrance to Kane Hall.[3] There is a small waiting room and a glassed in reception desk.[4] The receptionist doubles as radio control.[5]

Class Rooms[]

The class rooms in the above ground part of Kane hall are among other things used used for Physical Sciences classes,[2] including a course on writing science papers,[6] and Industrial Arts classes.[2] Applications for the special Manifestation research project were also handled there.[7]

Kane Tunnels[]

Underground facilities accessed through the tunnels below Kane Hall include:

King Auditorium[]

King Auditorium is an older brick annex to Kane Hall. It is used for music classes, has room for up to 100 students, and is earthquake proofed as well as soundproofed.[11]

Observatory Tower[]

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The Campus observatory is in a gleaming white metal dome on top of a round smokestack-like brick tower along the north end of Kane Hall.[12] Below the observatory there is a bathroom and a storage room. This floor has recently been converted to Samantha Everheart's apartment.[3]


The name Kane Hall is a nod towards Batman creator Bob Kane.[13]