Kasai Tetsuko (Japanese name order; Kasai is the family name, Tetsuko the personal name) is one of the Martial Arts teachers.

“To his left is his partner in crime, Kasai Tetsuko, our Kempo instructor. Beside teaching Kempo, she also teaches stealth technique, Kyudo [Translation: Japanese Archery, literally, ‘the Way of the Bow’] and helps the Gunny with the Group Crisis Situation Simulation drills.” Kasai, a slender Japanese woman in maybe her mid-thirties, silently sketched a bow similar to Wong Ah Lam’s.

Classes taughtEdit

  • Kempo
  • Kyudo
  • The Way of Stealth


  • She's in the October instructor's meeting.[1]
  • She's in the Martial Arts instructor's meeting before the Fall 2006 Combat Finals.[2]
  • Ayla meets Sensei Tetsuko in the locker room.[3]




Whateley AcademyEdit

  • Physical Education Department


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