Kasuo Miyamoto is Whateley Academy's landscape architect and the head of all of the landscape activities. His office is in The Shed.

She smiled. Mr. M. could always make her smile, even on a bad day like this. He was a Japanese man, and probably in his fifties, although she wasn’t sure. He was a couple inches taller than her, and really strong, even if he wasn’t all that musclebound. No, it was from working hard outside all his life. He was the official Whateley landscape architect, and the boss of everyone who worked out of ‘the shed’. That meant he was in charge of all the Whateley gardeners, the arborists, the tree climbers, the landscapers, everybody. And he was in charge of all the students who had ‘outdoors’ scholarships like her and Fertility. And he had to handle the kids who got detentions and got assigned the outdoors jobs, which really didn’t sound like a fun part of the job. Some of the older workers had a nickname for him: Mister Moto. She didn’t know where that came from, and she’d never asked Phase. But some of the younger guys had a different nickname: Mister Miyagi. She knew that one: she’d seen “The Karate Kid” and “The Karate Kid 2” on DVD. She just called him Mr. M.[1]

He has two akitas, Ranma and Akane.[2]


Mr. Miyamoto helps Aquerna with her task of getting all of the squirrels safely snugged in for the winter.[1][3]

He checks in with Chris to let him know how well it's been done, and then is surprised at what's going into the animal room next. And we learn his first name. And this is where we learn Chris really did care about the squirrels and chipmunks, because he'd asked Kasuo to give as much help as he could without being obvious; don't interfere with Aquerna's growth opportunity.[2]


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