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Emily Anne Quenton, code name Kew, is a devisor and a member of the Spy Kids. She's 5'1", weighs about 100 lbs, has grey eyes and russet hair, and comes from Montreal, Canada. She's the Spy Kids' resident gadget goddess. She lives in Whitman Cottage.[1]

The following information appears to be Canon material from data provided with the original Wiki. It may or may not be accurate any longer.

Emily has contacts in the security technologies field, who regularly send her prototypes for her to test for weaknesses. She’s paid for this by keeping the prototypes, which more often than not she cannibalized for parts

Kew is a Deviser/Gadgeteer, a Clairvoyant with the ability to draw on a wide ‘database’ of psychic information about technical matters. Kew is also a legitimate genius (Stanford-Benet IQ score: 223), with most of the Exemplar mental gifts.

Kew has a wide array of technical skills, including the cryptography and lock picking skills to supplement her clairvoyant abilities — she's an extremely gifted hacker, lockpicker and safecracker. She speaks French, Latin, Classical Greek, German, Japanese and Russian. She has an abiding interest in current events, and is a subscriber on many news websites

As with most Devisers, Kew’s devices are hard to replicate. Kew’s Magnum Opus to date is the Transdimensional Mass Shifter, a device which shifts most of the Three-Dimensional mass of an object into the intradimensions, thus effectively ‘shrinking’ it. Many of Kew’s ‘Spy Gadgets’ incorporate a TMS into the design, so the SpyKids can employ devices that ‘telescope’ out of small things into a from which can be as large as 27 times the ‘anchor’ object.

Think Willow (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) in the first few seasons.

End Original Canon Materials

Kew appears in a number of stories, but the big one to date is The Big Idea. Well, and Ayla and the Networks.

Phase finds her ever so easy to bluff at the 2006 Weapons Fair, where she has a table.[2] In response, Kew diverts tracking devises from Dragonrider to Phase. Successfully, too, until Fey and Carmilla find one while checking Phase out.[3]

She doesn't get embarrassed as heavily as everyone else in the Spy Kids when the Masterminds scam them about where they're breaking into Phase's computer[3] or hold a grudge over the Weapons Fair even though the other Spy Kids tease her about it.[4]

She works on the BIT-Slicer, along with Knick-Knack and Sonex.[5][4]

Among her inventions is a devise that imitates Holdout's size-warping power, allowing her to make the Spy Kids' equipment more conveniently portable.[1]