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Korende Mitterand, code name Kismet,[1] is a probability warper[2], with some magical talents[3]. She manages to carry her team along with her enthusiams by sheer force of personality and the "luck" her probability warping gives her, but she's not capable of welding a team into an effective fighting force.[4]


MID as of 2006-12:[5]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name KISMET
Ratings Warper – 3, Manifestor – 3, Esper – 2, Psi – 1, Martial arts – basic
Techniques Probability flux, Teleport, Mystic flame, Energy shackles
Weak vs Strength, Speed, Flight, Psychic, Magic
Backup / Team Affiliation Euro-promotional League


Korende was born in Antwerp, Belgium and her preferred language is French/Walloon.[6] She has a willowy figure and blonde hair.[6] Kismet is leader of the Vindicators, but acceptance of her leadership is far from perfect.[1]


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