Ed[1] ?, code name Kludge, is a devisor who has to use a floating chair to get around. He lives in Twain Cottage. Ayla describes him as Hispanic looking.[2]


Kludge is in Twain when Chaka challenges Montana to a duel.[3]

He has a table at the 2006 Whateley Weapons Fair.[2]

Kludge has a contest with Juryrig while fighting the Syndicate forces that crashed the Halloween party.[4]

Kludge is one of the devisors that Thuban employs to shake down Don Sebastiano and Fantastico in their attempt to blackmail Phase and She-Beast.[5]

"I'll be home for Christmas" is but a song for Kludge.[6]

Kludge is referenced a few times in passing.[7][8][9][10]

Kludge gets really involved with the shoulder angels competition.[11][1][12][13]


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