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Wyatt 'Kodiak' Cody, art by E.E. Nalley

Kodiak (Wyatt Virgil Cody[1]) is a student at Whateley Academy, a member (originally) of the Class of 2007.


Wyatt is an Exemplar-5 and Avatar-2, hosting The Kodiak, a powerful and ancient Bear spirit.


He is tall (6'6"), yellow-eyed,[2] heterosexual, an Avatar of a bear spirit, comes from Alaska, and lives in Melville. He has been in the Alphas for several years, and is now the leader, after Don Sebastiano was put in the hospital, Hekate was expelled,[3] and Kodiak staged a coup to get rid of Solange.[4] Following this, he has been trying to clean up the Alphas from a group of bullies to a group that would actually be useful leaders.[4] Kodiak has been described as "the nicest guy who ever beat you up in school"[5] - he has a rather bear-like attitude that the way to find out who is the alpha male is to fight it out, and the main way to get his respect is to be strong enough to fight back. He has been sleeping his way through the school's population of brainless beauties, but has decided he wants Loophole to be his wife. He is the leader of the training team called Team Phoenix.[6]

Although he had enough credits to graduate, Headmistress Carson directed him to an additional year at Whateley in order to learn how to use his emerging magical abilities. Accordingly, he didn't graduate in 2007, but remained as "Senior Emeritus" in the class of 2008.[7]


Kodiak is the Avatar of the bear spirit. This Spirit claims to be called The Kodiak, spirit of the Untamed Earth, Duke of the Court of the Center, Master Healer and Court Physician to her Majesty, Gaia, High Queen of the Natural Realm, possibly indicating a status beyond a normal spirit. It does this while bound in a pentagram by Miss Grimes, making it unlikely it lied.[8]


He is a minor character in several stories, but becomes a primary character in Even Murphy's Law has Loopholes.

He was the successful candidate for Alpha Male, January 20, 2007. While preferred over Oiler, there were some abstentions from those not willing to support either candidate.[9]

He is a protagonist in most of E. E. Nalley's stories, beginning at the start of 2007.

Kodiak by ee nalley

Kodiak in costume



  • Family (Parents) in Barrow, Alaska.
    • Catherine Cody (mother) - medical doctor, chiropractor[10]
    • Mr. Cody (father) - former pro football player (three seasons with the Raiders), owns a heavy equipment dealership in Barrow, relives his youth vicariously through his son. Drinks a lot.[10]
  • Aglakti - Shaman, family friend, deceased

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He married Elaine Nalley either shortly before or after her graduation, and they promptly started a family.

In the 2016-2017 Whateley school year, he's Dr. Wyatt Cody, and is Okami's "academic advisor" and "psychological counselor". He has three children with Loophole, as indicated by "a photo of a family - a smiling red-haired wife and three young children".[13]


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