Kraken (Phillip Lowry)[1] is a student who is affiliated with Exquisite's gang, which is eventually named "Denouement", and he acts as their enforcer.[1]


He was six and a half feet tall, heavily muscled, and had long dark hair, almost giving the impression that he could have been some kind of barbarian warrior in times past.[1]


Kraken was a respectable exemplar five, though it was his other ability that made him so useful.[1]

Besides being an exemplar, he's a powerful water manifester and a hydrokinetic. He's capable of manifesting water in any phase, and apparently any temperature, from fog to ice to scalding water, and manipulating it in all phases.[2]

He apparently has a neurological disorder where his physical senses are dulled; about the only thing he feels strongly is Exquisite's pain effect.[2]


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