Amy Tang, code name Lady Liberty, is a member of the Cape Squad. She seems to be Chinese, but she's an American ultra-patriot with a "stars and stripes" costume. She's definitely a flier and probably has enhanced strength, but the rest of her power set is unknown at present.

She's part of the three-way tussle over Iron Star, with Magni-Girl and Mega-Girl;[1] well, two-way really, as Iron Star doesn't seem to notice Mega-Girl's attentions, and she seems to have given up in favor of Stronghold lately anyway.

Physical DescriptionEdit

an oval faced Asian American girl whose NFL Cheerleader costume was done in a garish mix of red and white stripes on her rah-rah skirt with a midriff top of deep blue covered in white stars. You didn’t have to count them to know there were fifty stars, as befitted the patriotic Lady Liberty.[1]


She's mentioned during one of the attempts to kill Carmilla[2]

She takes part in the aerial defense against the Syndicate attack during the Halloween party.[3]

She's at the Cape Squad's table when Ayla tells them about the second Boston fight.[4]

Boudacia introduces her and several other Capes to Chou Lee.[5]

She tells the Cape Squad that the Angel of Hell's Kitchen is at her cottage (Dickinson)[6]

She's with the Capes who interrogate Phase about Peeper running screaming from the cafeteria.[7]


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