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Image of Lamprey made by Rose Bunny. Received via Discord.

Lamprey, a.k.a Liabella Estrella Navarro[1], is a mutant at Whateley Academy, as of the 2007-2008 school year.




Physical Description[]

Before her mutation, at fifteen, on May 28, 2007:

Standing at five foot eight, she showed the promise of growing into a tall, exotic Latina woman. [...] shapely breasts- [...] C-cup [...] well-rounded backside that in a few years would surely rival J.Lo or those whatsit sisters out in Hollywood.[1]

After her mutation, still at fifteen, on September 22, 2007, she's kept her height, and her weight is now 133[lbs][2].

black pulsing veins that showed distinctly from under the girl’s gray semi-translucent skin. She had beautiful black hair, running down past her waist, and wore a sweatsuit, trying to hide her modest figure and smallish breasts. Rose looked at her and estimated she was a small B cup, or maybe a large A. [...] brilliant turquoise eyes


She was born to Isobel and Salvador Navarro, and lived in what's presumably her home town of Taos, New Mexico.[1]

Liabella Navarro had always been a difficult child, causing her parents many hours of worry and grief. By the time she was eight, she had gotten the nickname of “The Terror of Taos” for her many rebellious escapades. Her first brush with juvenile hall was for stealing a car when she was only seven and as she grew up it got worse. Her parents tried their best, but it was hard on them.[1]
Lia started to develop earlier than the other girls in her classes, noticeably having started to develop at twelve years old. She would skip school and hang out with the undesirables, drinking and smoking and staying out until all hours.[1]

When she was older than twelve years old, but before 2007, Salvador found his daughter "in bed with one of the older boys from the gang [that she was with]", he sent her "to stay with his brother Ricardo for a couple weeks."[1]

"He took time to talk to [her], and he treated [her] like an adult, not like a child. He was so kind.", which led her to think about "leaving the gang and [turn her] life around" and stop being so rebellious.[1]

On Christmas Day, 2006, a.k.a December 25, 2006, Ricardo revealed to his family that he was "gay, but he was also a mutant [Gadgeteer]".[1]

At some point before January 01, 2007, when "his body" was found, he was killed by a church-going Humanity First! member in the local Mutant Commission Office.[1]

“After that, everything in me kind of died. I went back to the gang. We vandalized Abuela’s church. I got cold toward everyone. I let the boys in the gang pass me around like some slut. And I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the booze and the drugs. The thrill of pulling a gun on someone and the look of fear in their eyes. It was a high, and I was a junkie."[1]

At some point between then and September 23, 2007, she has learned that her uncle died to due the actions of her grandmother. Possibly unknown to her is that her grandmother has renounced her after her mutation. She presumably does not know that her father subsequently cut off interacting with her grandmother.[1]

When her mother was offered the position of senior officer for the MCO office in Duluth, Minnesota, Lia’s parents jumped at the opportunity, hoping that the move would get her away from the bad influences. For a time, it seemed to be working, but in all actuality, it was all a facade. She quickly gained a reputation in her new city as well, but she was careful to keep it from her parents. To them, they saw the reformed, studious new Lia.[1]

At some point, she's seen a copy of Ringu, and knows about Sadako from that movie. "That movie scared the shit out of [her]."[1]


Her ratings are: "EX 2, Manifestor 1, Shifter 1",[3] with the shifter/manifestor type being: "P,A,S,M,W."[2].

Her mouth doesn't connect to digestive system anymore.[1] Instead, she has manifestations[2] that are "palm tongues [organs coming out from mouths in her hands, which are her new digestive mouths, and have no ability to taste]"[1]

Her manifested tongues are "Always connected to the body (merged with body)." They're also the part of her body that has the Shifter rating due to being able to stretch themselves:

  • p - partial form: capable of shifting a limb, skin, or any major part of the form
  • a - appearance: shift is appearance only, the actual make-up of the person remains same
  • s - stimulus: shift is triggered by an external stimuli
  • m - mass constant: mass remains constant during shift
  • w - controlled: shift is controlled through willpower or some directed means[2]

Her mouths operate somewhat independently. "[T]here are some sort of primitive neural nerve cluster things in [her] forearms, all along the throats.”[1]

Some of her other changes are:

  • body temperature dropped to about 64 degrees, which is apparently normal [for her][1]
  • [Mutation was] probably going to change [her] into a boy. That’s why [her] boobs and ass got smaller, and [she] lost [her] curves. [...] don’t have periods anymore because my ovaries and uterus don’t work fully anymore. [...] The drug [...] froze the change in the beginning stages, [she's not going to grow a penis].
  • Mildly sedative saliva.[3]
  • Highly acidic vomit[3] (Possibly stomach acid?)


  • "The Terror of Taos”: In her hometown of Taos, for how rebellious she was.
  • Lia: Her mother, Isobel Navarro, Caribou, and narration.[1]


On May 28, 2007, she was at the "Rice Lake Reservoir", "Near Duluth, MN", at a party watching the Memorial Day fireworks, gets her MGC triggered by smoking some strange devisor drug, starting the process that would result in the form that would bear her codename of Lamprey. But before the most visible parts of the transformation starts, "I had some more beers, let some of the guys feel me up, and then I...think … I might have slept with one or two. I don’t really know." And then she ends up sleeping in a park, waking up the next day.[1]

On May 29, 2007, she wakes up the morning after her Memorial Day partying of the previous night, "in bad shape. I remember throwing up blood and passing out. I was in a coma for the better part of a month".[1]

During her coma:

At first the doctors thought she was undergoing a burnout, as she was manifesting, but instead of the normal symptoms, her body temperature actually fell dramatically. She began to hemorrhage blood, and her pulse became wildly erratic. She actually vomited out her entire digestive system, and the openings on her palms formed. Miraculously, she survived, and grew a new digestive tract, this one connected to the mouths on her palms, instead of her original one.”

On September 22, 2007, she starts a fight with Inaba after presuming that the other girl was going to be her babysitter, due to her appearing older than her fourteen years. And could have died from the fight, if Inaba's spirit did not stop the fight. Also, her mother had "her service weapon drawn and pointed at her own daughter."[1]

[Isobel] had a long talk with her daughter after they got home[1]

And Inaba learned more about Lamprey's recent past.[1]

On September 23, 2007, she and Inaba spend the day in Glensheen Manor at their guardians' behest.[1]

On September 24, 2007, she gets a checkup with Dr. Stevens, revealing some new things about her mutation, and presumably he's going to be her primary doctor regarding her mutation, instead of the Humanity First!-connected Dr. Hervenhopher.[1]

At the manor, Inaba suggests that Lia sleep over, and her mother allows it. Especially since it gives her some alone time with her husband. Later at the manor, Inaba reveals a goth dress for Lia, she suggested their guardians to get, and a makeover to make her goth, but pretty. After Inaba did the makeover, Lia gave her a kiss, and Inaba kissed her back. Lia was shocked at what she did and locked herself in the bathroom. Eventually, after Lia's parents arrive, she has left the bathroom for her home.[1]