Langley Paulson is a teacher at Whateley Academy and retired Superhero. Between 1958 and 1981, he was the armoured hero Tin Man, though since his retirement someone else has taken up the name.[1] At an unknown time Paulson joined the Whateley Academy Staff and by March 1995 he'd risen to be the Department Chair of Advanced Technologies.[2]

Paulson appears to be in his middle forties, but is still in trim and athletic shape. His hair is just beginning to whiten in places (creating a salt and pepper look) and he has smile lines around his eyes. His hair is close cropped and he has a Van Dyke beard. His eyes are blue and he has a pair of horn rimed glasses, worn on a neck chain.[1][3]

The students quickly made their way through the air lock to the seats in the clear section. As Elaine made to join them, a soft hand on her shoulder stopped her. She turned and couldn’t help starting, finally understanding why Langley Paulson had picked Tin Man as his nom de guerre. The teacher looked like a chrome hood ornament or movie award, his entire form appearing to be made of liquid metal that creaked softly as he moved.
And he was practically naked, his modesty only preserved by what looked like a chrome Speedo.
“You and I are making this trip on our own power, Loophole,” he told her with a silver smile. Elaine forced a nod as the teacher made sure the airlock was secure. “Thanks Stan,” he told the maintenance man before a halo of power left his arm to encircle the LEO ORB. “Radio check,” he asked, eyes intent on Hardsell inside the shell.[4]

Langley Paulson was a member of the team that raided Dr. Diabolik's moon base in Cronkite Crater.[4] According to other sources this was the Justice Brigade.[5]

He seems to be part metal—at least, when an accident burned him, "an eight inch hole burned through his Polo Shirt and skin revealing a gleaming silver carapace that looked solid but moved like muscle under the skin that had been burned away."[3]

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