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Lifeline, as portrayed by E.E. Nalley

Lifeline (Margaret "Maggie" Vincent/Finson) is a member of the Class of 2009 at Whateley Academy. She's partly Native American from the Kickapoo tribe, which explains the impression of a permanent tan. She has a wild halo of ash blond hair with red highlights. She's a healer and a life energy absorber. She also had Essence for the Three Little Witches to attempt to steal on 2007-01-24, making her at least a Wizard-0.[1]. She comes from the vicinity of Topeka, Kansas. Lifeline is part of a committee to form a charter for the Native American cultural group, The Nations, and is elected treasurer.[2]

Maggie Finson had been a very hard student to place in a dorm. She was too adventurous and rebellious to put in Dickinson and, unfortunately, the popular culture in Melville wasn't a good fit either. She'd seemed a perfect fit for Whitman and Trish had placed her with Harpy.

Unfortunately, Maggie is slightly phobic of GSD sufferers since an incident in Topeka where her family had been chased for nearly half a mile by a seriously GSD'd Rager, before being saved by an hero. When arriving at Whateley, she was initially placed in a room with Harpy. She was too nice to admit that her roommate's GSD made her uneasy, but she started suffering from night terrors. When the cause was discovered by Louis Geintz, she was swapped with She-Bot, becoming the roommate of Elaine Nalley.[3]

Also unfortunately, the changes Elaine underwent in early May, 2007 proved too much for Maggie, and she requested to change roommates again.[4]

On 2007-05-29, she forfeited her Combat Final and made a blood oath to remove Grizzly from Loophole.[5]

Her plan comes to fruition at the All Hallows Ball, using a potion she found that was planted by Nimbus. The plan misfires, killing Murphy instead.[6]


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