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Lillian Dennon is one of the Academy's Martial Arts instructors. She teaches judo and special classes for Bricks and Ultra-Dense students.[1] She also teaches courses emphasizing grace and control,[2] such as Winter term's Exemplar Grace.[3]

She's an older woman, with dark hair with streaks of silver running down to the tips on her shoulders. Despite her fragile-looking appearance, she's one of the most ferocious PK bricks in the United States. Once upon a time, she was a supervillain known as Wildhammer, and her past is a bit more checkered than most. Even in her fifties, everyone can see the fiery attitude of a girl who’d made it her personal mission in life to rip off dozens of wealthy companies in the late sixties.[4] One of the companies she's known to have attacked is Carruthers Industries in Boston, about which the Lamplighter apparently holds a grudge even after decades.[5]

Her tenure in the Thunder Mountain Prison Complex mellowed her out quite a bit.[4] After her release from prison, she ran a private self-defense school for a while before she began teaching at Whateley.[6] Because Setup was her pupil at that self-defense school, she must have started teaching at Whateley sometime after Setup graduated from Whateley—1989 at the earliest, probably several years later.

Phobos has a burnout and dies in her Brick Combat class.[7]

Classes taught[]