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Bill Willows, code name Linebacker, is a member of STAR League. He's an EX-6. He's about 6'6", 250 lbs. with blue eyes set in a square, blocky face with a cleft chin that's framed with corn yellow hair in a short cut, and almost no neck. Somewhat slow-speaking and slow to anger and terrifying when provoked. He looks like a professional football linebacker, complete with the custom-made football 'uniform' number 03 with S.T.A.R. League for the Team's place and LINEBACKER for name done in grey and white. He was born in Pittsburgh, PA., in 1967. The Red Archer is his wife, Psymod is his son.

Bill would have been a new star in the NFL if not for his mutation. Still, never one to lose his good humor, Bill transplanted his love of competition into a love of doing the good deed. Still, Linebacker isn’t one to rile during the NFL season. Missing a game because of an alert has caused more than a bit of pain to a would be supervillain.

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He attended Whateley rooming in Twain Cottage along with Falcon and Soldier of Fortune.[1]

He's sending his kid off to Whateley with the rest of STAR League.[1]


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