Following is a list of canon training teams that have been mentioned in-story. They are also listed on the Category: Combat Teams page. Known team leaders are shown in bold.

Name Members
AEGIS Jr (officially "Strike Team 4")[1] Electrode, Hexette, Lynx and Unicorn
Barricade Rack,[2] Tarmac,[3] Tesla,[4] Thunderbird,[4] Vortex[5]
Future Superheroes of America Senior Team[6] Gloriana, Hippolyta, Iron Star, Mr. Mystic, Pendragon and Saladin
Coercivity[7] Theophany and others
Elite League[8] Accelerator, Bombshell (current leader),[9] Farrago (former member),[10] Golden Girl, Spellbinder (interim leader),[10] Stretch and Swoop
GhostWalkers[11] Charge, Freeze Frame, Harrier, Headrush, Nursing, Pejuta, Punch, and RPG
Goobers[12] Beacon, Ecto-tek, Nightbane, Nobody (deceased), Oak and Silvermoon
Grunts[12] Bomber, Breaker, Bunker, Deadeye, Mule and Slapdash
Handmaid's Own[13] Bladedancer, Chain Lightning, Gateway, Geomancer
Monster Squad[14] Jimmy T, Montana, Slab, Antenna
Mutant Mayhem Machine[15] Backtrack, Cerulea, Dragonsfyre, Eisenmädel, Glyph, Invictus, Kenshin, Shieldwall, Tidestriker
New Olympians[14] Uncertain, probably Counterpoint, Cytherea, Imperious, Majestic and Stygian
Omega Squad[8] Blacklight, Confundus, Crimson, Eruption and Grapple
Outcast Corner[16] Diamondback, Eldritch, Jericho and Razorback
Pan-Asia[14] Hatamoto, Silver Serpent, Quyèn Nũ, Gunkan and more that haven't been mentioned
Power Cats[17] Diva,[8] Duplex, Juryrig, Redlight and Zip[8]
Premier League
Punk Patrol[7] Anvil
STAR League Jr[18] Dredz, Phoenixfire, Psymod and Wallflower
Team Alpha Three[14] Sirrush, unnamed high-end mage, PDP, flying Energizer, and reality warper
Team Kimba[19] Bladedancer[20] (former member[21]), Chaka, Fey, Generator, Lancer, Phase, Shroud and Tennyo
Team Phoenix[22] Bifrost, Interface, Kali, Kodiak, Loophole, Pejuta[11] and Zenith
Team Whalers[23] Sizzle
Unnamed team of Alphas[14] Unknown member list
Unnamed team of Dragons[14] Unknown member list
Unnamed team one of The Nations[24] Flux, Lupine, Mule, Pejuta, Pristine, Stonebear, and Thunderbird
Unnamed team two of The Nations[25] Could contain any mix of four from Lifeline, Aztecka, Bluejay, Crimson, Hardsell, Heyoka, Jo Donner, Cyberkitty, Riptide, Skinwalker, Slapshot, Stormwolf, and Swoop, as there were eleven volunteers from sixteen members. Wind Runner is out, as she was one of those who bowed out.[25]
Unnamed team of Tigers[14] N'Dizi and unknown members
Unnamed team of Venus Inc.[14] Poise, Lifeline, couple of blasters, others
Vindicators[26] Cerebrex (aka. "Captain Canada!"), Donner, Dynamaxx, Kismet, Lemure and Sizemax
Wild Pack ("Betas")[17] Firecat, Mindbird, Stonebear, Stormwolf and Thunderfox
Wondercute[27] Aquerna, Bugs, Dragonrider, Gateway, Generator, and Superchick
The X-Press[5] Iron Star