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Officially, they are the Literary Club.

The Whateley Academy Literary Club, art by E.E. Nalley

These aren’t the Haut Poetry girls (those are in Dickinson Cottage), these are the girls who read hard sci-fi and Detective novels. Secret/mysterious events on campus tend to arouse their interest to do some behind-the-scenes detective work (and sometimes hero-ing).

They are author avatars for the authors of the Whateley stories, but are intended as much to laugh at the associated tropes as anything else.

The faculty sponsor is Mr. Lord.[1]

Foxfire, Compiler, Arachne, Loophole, Reverb, and Lifeline had a RPG group at one point.[2]



Character Author
Foxfire Bek D. Corbin
Lifeline Maggie Finson
Loophole E. E. Nalley
Fractious Diane Castle
Compiler Babs Yerunkle
Arachne Branwen
Reverb Renae
Selkie Poetheather
Lupine Starwolf
Murphy Joe Gunnarson

Kristin Darken's character Chaosdancer was originally submitted as a member, but has not appeared with the Lit Chix in any story to date

Members who don't hang out with them anymore[]