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Sophia Ferris, code name Macrobiotic, is the daughter of Laura Ferris, the head of Ferris Biochemical, and is presumed to inherit the company. Introduced as Sophia Ferris in Diane Castle's "Ayla and the Tests". She is probably a sophomore in January 2007, considering that "...daddy was blown into little tiny pieces all over our living room by Deathmaiden about fifteen years ago".[1]

Sophia is a vegetarian (but not a vegan) as a personal ethical choice,[1] but she will eat meat out of politeness when she's offered it as a guest. She has a weakness for cheesecake.[2]

Sophia publicly announced that she is bisexual. However, it is speculated that she may have done that just as a gesture of support to Saladin, and she may not be in fact bi.[2]


She is a very attractive brunette with unnaturally blue eyes.[3]


Phase visually identifies her as an exemplar.[3] She's a bio-devisor working on rice and wheat.[4]

Ferris Biochemical[]

Ferris Biochemical was founded in the 1930s by biochemist Martha Ferris as a byproduct of her developing a cure for a biological warfare agent unleashed on New York by Deathmaiden.[3] Around 1990 Laura Ferris and her mother were working on a vaccine for a disease threatening to wipe out Central Africa for which Deathmaiden also was responsible, and Sophia's father fell victim to a letter bomb Deathmaiden sent in response.[1] Goodkind International had several major contracts with Ferris Biochemical, including a Goodkind Research grant.[3]





  • Felix Fassbinder (great-great-great-grandfather, famous bacteriologist, killed by Deathmaiden's 'mutant influenza')
  • Martha Ferris (great-great-great-grandmother, microbiology Ph.D, M.D., killed in Deathmaiden's attack on Boston)
  •  ? (great-great-grandmother, born 1919, biochemist, founded Ferris Biochemical)
  •  ? Ferris (great-grandmother, oncologist) (May be Ellen Ferris, teen member of Professor Quartermane's Whiz Kids[5]
  •  ? Ferris (grandmother, mycology expert)
  • Laura Ferris (mother, expert in cellular composition and cloning, runs Ferriss Biochemical)
  •  ? (father, murdered by Deathmaiden circa 1991)

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