Sophia Ferris, code name Macrobiotic, is the daughter of Laura Ferris, the head of Ferris Biochemical, and is presumed to inherit the company.

Sophia is a vegetarian (but not a vegan) as a personal ethical choice,[1] but she will eat meat out of politeness when she's offered it as a guest. She has a weakness for cheesecake.[2]

Sophia publicly announced that she is bisexual. However, it is speculated that she may have done that just as a gesture of support to Saladin, and she may not be in fact bi.[2]


She is a very attractive brunette with unnaturally blue eyes.[3]


Phase visually identifies her as an exemplar.[3] She's a bio-devisor working on rice and wheat.[4]

Ferris BiochemicalEdit

Ferris Biochemical was founded in the 1930s by biochemist Martha Ferris as a byproduct of her developing a cure for a biological warfare agent unleashed on New York by Deathmaiden.[3] Around 1990 Laura Ferris and her mother were working on a vaccine for a disease threatening to wipe out Central Africa for which Deathmaiden also was responsible, and Sophia's father fell victim to a letterbomb Deathmaiden sent in response.[1] Goodkind International had several major contracts with Ferris Biochemical, including a Goodkind Research grant.[3]



  • Felix Fassbinder (great-great-great-grandfather, famous bacteriologist, deceased)
  •  ? Ferriss (great-great-great-grandmother, microbiology Ph.D, M.D., killed in Deathmaiden's attack on Boston)
  • Martha Ferriss (great-great-grandmother, biochemist, founded Ferriss Biochemical)
  •  ? Ferriss (great-grandmother, oncologist)
  •  ? Ferriss (grandmother, mycology expert)
  • Laura Ferriss (mother, expert in cellular composition and cloning, runs Ferriss Biochemical)
  •  ? (father, murdered by Deathmaiden circa 1992)


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