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James Diedrick, sometimes Deidrick, code name Maelstrom, was captured by the Mystic Six on June 9, 1963. His powers include a Dread Aura, PSI/PK Attacks: Strong Mental Defenses, Regen 3 (unconfirmed), Extremely Strong Manifestor: Favoring Pseudo Zombies / Nightmarish Creatures, Manifested Armor. He also manifests fog.[1]

Maelstrom and his partner Tearaway were political activists, using terror tactics to attempt to achieve their ends.[2]

He, and his partner Tearaway kidnapped Helen Hilton (the future Helen Goodkind) and her older sister Elizabeth when she was six. Tearaway ate Elizabeth in front of the young Helen; she had to be hospitalized for three years for mental trauma after she was rescued.[2]

He was eventually captured and restrained by the Mystic Six on June 9, 1963. He's the type case for Diedrick's Syndrome, named by Dr. J. K. Fielding.[1]

He's presently in Cryo-suspension at the ARC holding facility in New Hampshire. He was let loose by "Dr. Lenston" on November 17, 2006 as part of a long range plan (not disclosed yet.) He was promptly recaptured (in the parking lot) by a pickup team consisting of Fey, Bladedancer, Carmilla and Beltane.[1]