Mai [Merry + AI] is the personality formed by the amalgamation of a partial Palm AI[1] with segments of the personalities of Circuit Breaker.[2] Mai becomes the fourth main personality of Circuit Breaker, the cold, logical perspective, yet not so cold as she develops.

Sara narrowed her eyes, trying to give her best suspicious look, “Spill it, Doctor. Personality number four.”
He sighed, “You’re right, I’m sorry. Mai is an amalgamation of a rogue AI that was programmed to destroy all of humanity by a super-villain with a knack with computers called Dr. Abel Palm, or The Palm for short. Ironically, we keep his remains down in Black Complex for future study. Whatever happened that put the thing inside her brain, mercifully it was incomplete and started taking on aspects of Merry, Chad and Chaddy’s personalities to fill in the gaps. That’s the personality that I was telling you about that’s sociopathic. Or at least we think it is, it spends most of its time trying to bridge the gap between the language of the brain and binary code. We haven’t gotten it to talk to us yet, or even move. The telepaths assigned to her case really do not like dealing with Mai, she tends to think in ones and zeroes more than she does in English.”[3]

When Circuit Breaker is divided into Paige and Petra, Mai remains with Merry in the original body, becoming Paige.[4]


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