Morrie Goldberg[1] and Stan Lipscowycz[1] are the Maintenance Army[2]; they fight the good fight. They are Whateley Academy's sewer plumbers. There are all kinds of nasty things that live in the sewers, as well as the Class X site.

They're loosely patterned after Mario and Luigi in the series of Nintendo video games, who they claim to have been real persons and the ones who started the post.[2] They deal death to the dire denizens of the dank dungeons beneath Whateley, between washing windows and other, more prosaic, tasks. They're a team, where one is, you'll find the other, just like Laurel and Hardy. They're introduced in Jade 2 - Away from Home[1]

Jade and Jinn work with them as their work assignment.

Being assigned to the sewers for detention is one of the worst punishments that's handed out.Whether it ranks ahead of or behind being assigned to Hawthorn is a matter of opinion. They refuse to accept Murphy in the sewers.

Morrie GoldbergEdit

He's the larger, rounder one. He's quite the mouth to him.

Stan LipscowyczEdit

He's the smaller, thin one. He's of Polish extraction, or as Morrie so eloquently puts it, "He's a polack".[1] He's married; his wife makes his lunches.


They're normally found in their uniform overalls.

Starting Tuesday, September 5, 2006, Jade and Jinn Sinclair are their Scholarship students. Morrie does not want Murphy in the sewers. Under any conditions.[3]



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