Majestic (June Summers) is Juno/Hera from the old Roman and Greek pantheon.[1] See the New Olympians page for a discussion of the general issues with all of them.

Seed InformationEdit

Juno claimed six-week-old June Summers in a manner identical to Jupiter. She grew up the child of wealthy socialites and used that background to every advantage she could find. Specializing in spells of coercion, intimidation and deception, June made an art of appearing even better then everyone else. A goal made easier by being exemplar five as well as a powerful wizard. She also is capable of increasing her strength ever further with the use of a PK field that enables her to lift an additional ton to what she can with just her muscles as well as deflect solid attacks. However, actually doing the dirty work herself would be beneath her. As far as June is concerned, it's her way or the highway. She chaffs under the 'command' of Jason, but knows she can't manipulate him without serious repercussions for failure. Instead, she convinces the others into voting the way she wants. To her, everyone is below her, including the other Olympians. Jason is hers, a hold over from their previous 'marriage', and woe to the girl (or boy) who attracts his eye. (Ex-5, Wiz-4, Tk-3c)


She is 5' 10" tall, has a lithe build weighting 140 lbs, waist length brown hair, a heart shaped face with a touch of stone around the edges and ice blue eyes.


Majestic didn't do so well in World Literature: Special Topics - The Epic; seems she had problems with how Hera/Juno was portrayed.[2] She did well on the other epics,[3] but not enough to counteract the bad grades.[4]


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