Megaton (Derek Richardson)[1] is a member of the Cape Squad.

He's Star Sentry's boyfriend. He's more than a bit officious and a hothead. He also has a low opinion of the "weird cottage", "rabbit-eared twerp" and all.[2]

Note: He's named Derek Seaver when introduced in I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore, Part 5.


On 2006-09-30 at the clubs fair, he warns Tanya against inappropriate friendships.[3]

On 2016-10-01 he sees Vic Rivera on the way out from breakfast and gets in his face: "You're some punk that that bleeding heart thought more important than her own family. And yanno what? I don't care what she thinks. She pulled you out of the gutter and as far as I'm concerned you should be thrown back in. Do not cause trouble and do not cross me. Understood?"[1]

Later he has a job as announcer at the matches. He's not happy about them even happening, but he drones on and on and on. Eventually he gets replaced by Hiram Saumer, who at least is funny. He's not pleased at being replaced so cavalierly.[2]

Then he assaults Tidestriker; the two have to be separated.[2] Vic reports the incident to Security after his report on Jack-in-the-Box.


He's an exemplar and some kind of metal manifestor. [2]




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