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Melville is a Coed cottage, located about 300 yards south of the main campus on O. Henry Hill. It is the newest and physically largest cottage, resembling a luxury hotel more than a student dormitory. Melville has a very social — almost party — culture, and is a popular hang-out, even with students from other cottages. On the downside, Melville is also the home of the Alphas.

There's what appears to be an on-cottage coffee shop called "Call Me Coffee".[1]

It has three ‘house parents’ instead of one as the others do. And a concierge!

At 8 stories tall, it's taller than the other cottages, and houses more students (150 students instead of 100); it has quite a few single rooms as well as an entire floor devoted to function rooms. It's shaped like an elongated "O", and the inner patio houses a hot tub among other amenities.[2]

The floor assignments appear to be:

  • 1st - entry, house parents' apartments, etc.
  • 2nd - Social rooms
  • 3rd - Freshmen
  • 4th - Sophomores
  • 5th - Juniors
  • 6th - ?
  • 7th - Seniors
  • penthouse - 8 penthouse suites for Seniors with clout.

Room assignments for Melville students are in Melville Room Assignments.

One special feature: the girls' showers are luxurious beyond belief; the result of a devisor (Hydroflux) who specializes in hydraulics; each year she renovates her bathroom to her high standards (she's Class of 2008, next year the Senior facilities get done.). The Melville girls guard this secret like the Ark of the Covenant.[3]

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