Merry Descent Into Madness is a story by Renae, released on 2005-05-23. It runs from 2006-10-23 to 2006-10-25, and is the fourth story about Merry.


Many people at Langley are afraid of Merry now, and she starts discussing with the voices in her head the very real possibility that she will be imprisoned all her life or killed as soon as she is no longer useful. She goes out into the internet and finds another hacker, Blue, to whom she gives copies of the more powerful programs she wrote, so that if the CIA does kill her, at least they won’t be the only ones with that information. Another Palm attacks, and Merry fights it, but part of it gets into her head. She wakes up in the hospital to find that she is being treated by a doctor, Frank, who is working with Nimbus and testing an experimental drug on her. Also, the CIA has kicked her friends at NEXT out, and keeps trying different drugs on her. As her personalities split further, Merry gets angry and strikes back.

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