Gerald "Stoner" Sturm, code name Michelangelo, is a gorgon.

“Apparently, he can’t literally turn you into solid stone, but he can coat your skin with a thin layer of stone, which would be fatal within minutes for all but a handful of supers.”
Jinn said, “I thought Gorgons were supposed to be girls.”
Nikki said, “They are. There are no recorded cases of male Gorgons.”
I said, “The powers testing guys are stymied. They don’t know why he got the Gorgon power when he’s male, or why he hasn’t turned into a girl. It’s not like he has an Exemplar BIT to keep him in his current form.” [1]

Seed InformationEdit

The following is seed information from the old Wiki. It's probably accurate as of the 2005 canon bible, but may not be accurate any longer

He's of Russian descent, the family name was Sturmonikov before his great grandfather anglicized it.

General DescriptionEdit

Often called Stoner instead of Michelangelo.

Gerald was a mean, nasty, little kid even before his mutation manifested itself. Waking up to discover that his hair was turning into a nest of bad tempered snakes didn’t help that at all. In fact, he’s at Whateley as a last resort before sending him to an institution for the mentally unbalanced — people who aren’t quite insane, but who do exhibit tendencies in that direction on a too regular basis. He agreed to being sent to the Academy as an alternative to that after stoning two kids he felt had it better than he did. He didn’t even know who they were, just disliked them on sight and wanted to hurt them. He barely escaped attempted murder charges on that one, and only because the two were broken out of the shells by an alert passerby and refused to testify against him. The good Samaritan hadn’t actually seen the incident, so the police had no real case against the boy.

He does not like Fey at all. (Remember the hand on the butt thing as they were getting off the van?)[2] He wants to teach the stuck-up bitch a lesson and actively works to do that. Fortunately for Fey, he isn’t as good at sneaking around as he thinks, especially among other mutants who are generally aware of how nasty he really is. So his efforts in that direction go mostly for nothing beyond petty annoyances.


His eyes are deep black with no discernable pupils (probably because of their color, but he isn't telling). His hair, well, I guess it could be called hair. Don't know how anyone could comb or brush a nest of snakes though.

He dresses in the current Gangsta styles along with a tightly fitting knit cap pulled down to over his ears, and has a boom box he likes to play that kind of rap on at very annoying volumes. Likes to play the tough guy, and ‘checks out the chicks’ with his hands as well as his eyes.


He is a Gorgon, meaning that he has a mass of snakes instead of hair growing from his scalp and is able to manipulate stone into any shape he likes. And to apparently change people into stone. (Though that is only by coating them with a thin layer of stone.) He got the handle Michelangelo because of that unsavory ability, not from any artistic talents. (He has no aptitude in that direction at all and is headed for a life as an enforcer or other unpleasant type used frequently by organized crime.)

Shows no exemplar abilities, but no one can quite figure out why he isn’t being TG’d by the power since every recorded Gorgon either has been, or was changed into a female.

Extra note: Why isn’t he in Twain? (Sure, Poe houses “sexual deviants”, which he definitely qualifies for, but Poe also has to look relatively normal for visitors — e.g., no monsters.) The reason? All he has to do is wear a stocking cap (which fits the gangsta look anyway) and he can pass as human. Which he does pretty frequently. It lets him approach more targets – er – bed mates. Besides, then he gets to watch people freak out when he takes off his hat.


Gerald is bi, not TG, and not a nice person at all. He’s sneaky, likes to dominate his sexual partners (the ones dumb enough to play with him) and is into pain — giving it not receiving it.

Deliberately abrasive, uncouth, and loud when people are watching, he is also capable of being very sly, sneaking around to riffle through people’s belongings, spy on them, or ‘get even’ with those he feels he has a grudge against. Major chip on this kid’s shoulder - like a 2 X 10 board six feet long he has so many problems upstairs.

End of seed information


To date, he's a minor annoyance. He appears in a number of stories.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]


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