Romy Kumler, code name Migraine (pronounced "me-grain," as in French)[1] is a PDP (Package Deal Psychic) that had "no less than seventeen recorded accomplishments in her development that do not appear in her Security file"[2], although most people think she's limited to psychically causing headaches. and the latter was somehow the only thing noted in her Security file. She appears in The Big Idea as the hidden manipulator behind the scenes. She is described as being somewhat unattractive, and because of this she harbors a belief that becoming an Exemplar will solve all of her problems, which leads to her initiating the events of The Big Idea. By the end of the story, she's managed to transform herself into:

She passed glossy photographs out to the Cadets. The figure in the pictures was like something out of a H. R. Geiger portrait of a sexy insect-woman, somehow both beautiful and sensual, yet horrific and utterly inhuman, and all the more alluring and disturbing for the contrast. Her face and body were perfectly formed, an Exemplar ideal of feminine beauty. But the face and body were formed by a rigid segmented insectile carapace with harsh edges and thorny projections. And Geiger would have included a pair of all-too human eyes staring out of the hard mask. Her eyes were covered by a pair of blank lids that revealed nothing.

She's transferred to ARC as violently insane, so that she becomes someone else's headache.[2]


  • Headache inducement
  • PK


  • Kaiju - The focus of her jealousy.


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