Miguel Santino, codenamed Transistor[1] is a Warper and Gadgeteer.[2]

He is the [The Duluth Superiors]’s resident fix-it expert.”[1]
He has his own suite at the [Superiors'] HQ. He can stay and tinker in the garage, or workshop, and he’s here to monitor the emergency systems, if needed.[1]

He has "a beat-up pick-up truck"[1]

Physical DescriptionEdit

He was perhaps six foot four or six foot five, with black hair that was shaved on the sides and slicked into spikes on top, in sharp contrast to the sapphire blue of his eyes. Despite the baggy jumpsuit he wore, it was obvious he was muscular with a chiseled physique.[1]

He has a titanium prosthetic right arm, and presumably his prosthetic leg is made of the same material, and are controlled by a neural interface.[1]


As told by Caribou in some time in Generation 1:

“Couple of years ago there was a freighter stuck in a bad storm, taking on water. We responded to the call to aid the Coast Guard. The weather was too severe to take the helicopter out, so the team went out in the Catalina. We managed to get everyone off the ship, but a piece of rigging broke loose and pinned Miguel. He was knocked unconscious, and I had to field amputate his right arm and leg, or he would be pulled under.”[1]


Two, of unknown levels:



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