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Dale Townsend, code name Mindbird, is a member of the Wild Pack.[1]

Dale has green eyes and blonde hair[1] and is described as stunningly beautiful. Her breast size is remarkable enough to be spoken of in the same breath as Attributes'.[2]

She lives in the same cottage as Kerry Ellison[3].


As Dr. Bellows said to Folder:

her home life was far from perfect[4]


A pale purple armored bodysuit with a stylized ‘bird’ helmet.[3]


Mindbird is a Package Deal Psychic, but seems mostly focused on the Telepathy aspect of her power.


She gleefully delivers the Don to justice for his violation of the Whateley Code of Psychic Ethics.[5]

She spills the beans to the Wild Pack while escorting Phase to Security after his tussle with Peril.[6]

She tracks down the Dickinson Cottage girls for the Winter 2007 New Student Orientation.[7]

She apparently hates Solange with a passion, and confronts her at the All Hallows Ball.[8]