? Dunliff, code name Minefield, specializes in explosions. He's a senior who's a member of the Good Ol' Boyz and the A-Team, the campus gaming and strategy club. He can manifest blast-globes, and can also lay minefields.


Minefield first appears in the Good Ol' Boyz attempt to blackmail Phase and She-Beast.[1]

Minefield backs up Fantastico on his attempt to hassle Phase on her plans for a birthday party in Boston.[2]

And upon Phase' return from Boston, Minefield again accompanies Fantastico to harass, claiming they'd heard Team Kimba got stomped, and they'd better realize that being stomped outside meant they could get stomped inside, too.[3]

Minefield is also mentioned in other stories.[4][5][6]

His bombs injure Roadrunner when the trap they were preparing for Phase is discovered and neutralized.[7]


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