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Mischief (Melissa Chambers, born July 26, 1993[1]) is a young New York mutant. She is Imp's biggest fan, and President of the Imp Fan Club.[2] And she starts attending Whateley Academy as of Fall 2007, as a Whitman Cottage resident.[3] At some point, she rooms in room 215, and marks its windowsill.[4]

She "frames" Imp for a "robbery." (She broke into an art gallery, moved several paintings into an office, and painted the Imp Sign on the wall.)[5]

She has confessed to her father that she is a Mutant, and has received her MID. After getting Imp's autograph, she convinces Imp to help her train to become a supervillain, Imp agreed to keep her out of trouble.[6]

She figured out Imp's secret ID, when she realized that Imp had paintings that Candice Kade is just now showing for the first time.[7]


Main Character[]



She has long blonde hair and a cute face. When she first met Imp, she was thirteen, and wore a cheap Halloween costume set of devil's horns and tail while out tagging the Imp Sign or looking for Imp.[6] She stopped wearing the horns and tail after Imp autographed the horns, for fear of losing them.[1]

For her fourteenth birthday, she got from her aunt Brandywine a red "leather" jacket with plenty of pockets to carry her equipment. The jacket is actually made of specially treated kevra, and the liner contains a thin layer of impact gel, which provides some protection and insulation.[1]


She is a Warper 3I[6] that can become invisible, intangible, and teleport short distances.[2]

“They said I’m connected to some other dimension,” Melissa proudly explained to me, “and that all my powers are just because I’m going into that dimension different ways… If I go in one way, my body goes there but my looks stay here…and since I’m not really here, I can walk through walls. But I go in the opposite way…my body stays here but my looks go there…so no one can see me.” She suddenly turned invisible, though only for a few seconds before she popped back in front of me. “And if I go in all the way…” She suddenly vanished and reappeared halfway across the roof.[6]

Teleportation Range limit: ~30 yards.[6]

“I can only stay invisible for like…maybe a minute too,” Melissa admitted, seeming to deflate even more. “And I can’t stay intangible for very long either, because I can’t breathe when I’m like that and have to hold my breath the whole time…”[6]