The Remedy for Mischief is a story by Morpheus released on September 11, 2018. It concerns a battle with the villain Remedy during a shopping trip over the Thanksgiving holiday. It occurs on 2007-11-24. It’s preceded by Mischief Managed and does not currently have a sequel.



The Crystal Hall version says Saturday, which is the 24th, but numbers the date as 23rd. The BigCloset edition aligns both number and weekday, placing it on the 24th.

Melissa and her aunt Brandy go on a shopping trip in New York when Melissa spots someone in a blue hat following them. They are about to start losing the tail when three men in a white van jumped out. Then Remedy suppressed their powers and took Brandywine’s holdouts.

Some time later, Remedy locks Mischief and Brandywine in a cell. Mischief unlocks her handcuffs and then unlocks Brandywine’s cuffs. She uses a card key she picked out of one of the guard’s pockets to get out of the cell. On the way out, they overhear Remedy say that Mister Mayhem would be by that night to pick up Brandywine.

Mischief and Brandywine have a bit of a running battle with Remedy during the escape. It ends when Remedy surrenders after Brandywine holds a dumpster over Remedy’s head with her telekinesis so Remedy can’t null their powers again.



  • Mischief (Melissa Chambers)
  • Superhawk (Ryan Chambers, Melissa’s father)
  • Brandywine (Brandy Chambers, Ryan’s sister and Melissa’s aunt.)
  • Remedy (A villain who “solves problems.” She is a nullifier.)


  • Imp
  • Mister Mayhem A villain who paid to have Brandywine kidnapped and given to him.
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