Sun Wu Kong is a Chinese supernatural being, a trickster and immortal, although not one of the Eight Immortals. He has also revealed being a Taoist Sage, a master magician, one of the greatest martial artists ever, a phenomenal dancer, having luck with the ladies and exceptional good looks, and being the most awesome being in the universe. He has taken an interest in Bladedancer due to her being the newest incarnation of the Handmaiden of the Tao, and speaks of her as his younger sister.

Oh, and he's Awesome. Really really awesome. No, seriously, you don't get how awesome he is.


Panties purloined. Nonplussed at Poe, purveyed to Sara, pondered provenance.[2][3][4]

Bearing cloud bequeathed, Bladedancer bemoans[5].

Advice to Molly tendered, delightful debauchery.[6]

Benevolent blessings bestowed, Bladedancer blanches. Bananas brandished, Buster bounces.[7]

Presence perceived, Ayla anticipates.[8][9]

Density Warper's delicacies devoured. Returned, sixfold. A pleasant tea for drinking.[10]

A New Year's Celebration. A fine repast. Kwan Yin accompanies.[11]

In solitary contemplation, wiki editors chastised. Such awesomeness is Sun Wu Kong![1]


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