Montana (Sebastian[1] Terwilliger -- some sources give his first name as "Monty", but it seems to be a nickname) is a Whateley student. He looks like Bigfoot might. He's 7'6", has long arms and blonde fur.

He got rather badly savaged by Tansy Walcutt his freshman year, and consequently has a lot of animosity for women in general and pretty ones in particular.[2] This animosity led to his taking actions which cost Tennyo her job, followed by Chaka challenging him to a duel. He was at a particularly low point at the end of his fight with Chaka, resulting in his blindsiding her after the fight was concluded[2]; part of his penance for that is to tell people about the fight and what he did.[3] His self-perception and overall worldview have been improving since Thuban intervened.[4]

He attends Faction Three meetings.[3]

He had a table at the 2006 Whateley Weapons Fair.[5]

He and Kludge ran the scam with the CD of Phase and She-Beast talking, under Thuban's direction.[6]

He's on the Monster Squad training team as their inventor.[7]


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