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The Morgan Family is Ribbon's family.[1]

Al Morgan[]

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"Big Al" is the patriarch of the Morgan family, at least until his daughter saves his while he is dying of cancer. Now he is a mutant ten year old girl named Alyss Megan Morgan.

Megan Morgan[]

Megan is "Big Al's" deceased wife. She died of a heart attack after her middle daughter became the supervillainess Lady Havoc.[1]. She was married to Al for twenty years[2], and has been dead for unknown "years".


Melanie (last name unknown) is the eldest child of "Big Al" and Megan. She is married and has two daughters. She is not a mutant. She is two years older than her sister.[1]


Mark (last name unknown) is the son-in-law of "Big Al" and Megan. He is married to Melanie and the father of Kimberly and Kaylie.


Kaylie is "Big Al" and Megan's eldest granddaughter. She is twelve (mid 2007) and according to Marquis an unmanifested mutant. She is currently going through a rebellious "goth" period. She manifests while visiting Whateley Academy on Parent's Day 2007, coincidentally while near Jinx. Her powers are as yet unknown.


Kimberly Megan is "Big Al" and Megan's younger granddaughter. She is seven (mid 2007) and very into princesses and ribbons. She gives her grandfather the ribbon out of her hair for good luck.

Rachael Morgan[]

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Rachael Anne is the middle daughter of "Big Al" and Megan. She is a Devisor that suffers from Diedrick's Syndrome and ADD. She is now known as the supervillainess Lady Havoc. She provides the cure for her father that transforms him. She is posing as Alyss' mother for records purposes.

Rich Morgan[]

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Rich is "Big Al" and Megan's youngest child and only son. He has a degree in Computer Science and is a mutant codenamed Shortcut. "[He] manifested right after [his] Mom died."[1]