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Mule (Dominic Sellers) is one of the Grunts. He's pretty close to unstoppable. His TK shield includes major defenses against both PSI and magic. He is one of the few people whose minds can't be read by Fubar. It is hinted that he is bisexual.[1] He is part Seminole Indian, and is a mostly-inactive member of The Nations because it was rather boring. In April 2007, he was elected to the group's Tribal Council when it was made a formal club and reformed to be much more dynamic.[2]


MID as of December 2006:[3]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name MULE <MMID>
Ratings TK 4/D, Wiz <Classified>, Psi <Classified>, Martial Arts <Classified>, Belt-Fed Weapons <Classified>, Rifle <Classified>
Techniques Nonranged Psychokinetic, Modified M-240G Medium Machinegun, Class 3 Firearms License, <All other information Classified>
Backup / Team Affiliation Grunts, United States Military Mutant Delayed Entry Program <Enlisted>


At some point in the past, he had a crush on Angel.[1]

He has major appearances in A Single Fold[1] and also Fey's combat final (which he won).[3]

When scheduled for unsupervised night live fire, he and Bunker became involved with the Voodoo Wolves,[4] and were brought into Nikki's Wild Bunch as Security Auxiliaries.[5]



Fall 2006[]