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Murphy (Joanne/Joann Gunnarson/Gunnerson) is Joe Gunnarson's Lit Chick. She's a new student as of the 2007 Winter term, having been hustled out of Fairbanks, Alaska ahead of the rioters. (Well, not quite, but it's close.) She's a warper-3 specializing in both teleportation and probability mangling. She also reasonably high level regeneration (4) and raises the dead (Channeler 2). The latter didn't go over too well when she attended a funeral back home: the priests didn't like what happened to their cemetery.

She has slate gray eyes and blond hair.[1] When first met, her bangs were dyed a vivid purple; her 'baby' sister had selected the color for her.[2]

Her origin story is Even Murphy's Law has Loopholes.[3] The only other story to date where she is the main character is Murphy's Laws of Whateley.[4].

She is killed at the All Hallows Ball by a potion created by Lifeline from a formula provided by Nimbus (although Lifeline does not know the source).[5]



Winter 2007[]