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N'Dizi is the founder and current leader of the Tigers. While a member of the Dragons, he met with what he believes to be racism on the part of the other members. He may not be wrong, but there's a theory that Freya, the then reigning queen of the Alphas, was feeding racial tension over the campus. Anyway, fed up with the situation, he left the Dragons and started his own club, recruiting other African-descended students for it. He managed to instill into them a sense of union and racial pride, resisting attempts to break up the group and eventually obtaining the school's official recognition.

The Old Wiki is the only source of his real name as Hakim M'Shulla.


N'Dizi is a tall and fit African-American teenager. He keeps his head shaven.


N'Dizi is very big on racial pride, and doesn't believe in working "within the system" to ascend socially, despising those who, like Vox, are willing to do so. In his view, black people shouldn't associate with non-blacks, and he tends to refer to those who do so with epithets such as "oreo" or "uncle Tom." He appears as racist as the ones he accuses. He thinks himself the master strategist. He is very forceful and stubborn, sometimes driving out the very people who he is trying to entice. Despite all his posturing about Black heritage, he doesn't seem to have researched it too deeply before choosing his codename -- which allegedly means "cucumber" [it's actually Swahili for plantain or banana]. He is currently dating Alakazam, another Tiger.


N'Dizi's powers haven't been made clear at this point, but he has some sort of "spatial sense" that allows him to deflect thrown objects with his hands even when blindfolded. He is apparently a talented martial artist.


He disses Chaka's grandmother, Evadne, who makes short work of him.[1]

He talks Counterpoint into taking on Chaka, thinking he can "come to her rescue"; it doesn't work out that way.[2] He then misleads Counterpoint, leading him to believe Bladedancer has been dissing him.[3] Unfortunately, Phase gets word back to Counterpoint that someone played him for a fool,[4] and Counterpoint expresses his displeasure.[5]