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Katrina "Kate" Margya Joszinya[1] Twardovski[2], code name Nacht, is a member of the Bad Seeds.[3] She practices Erebeal Magic,[4] which deals with shadows. Her last name has been spelled variously, including Twardovski/Tvardowski/Tvardovski; transliteration will do this.

Personal relationshipsEdit

Her only known relative was thought to be Marzena Twardovski, the Bell Witch, who is a member of the Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom. Nacht does not have a favorable opinion of her mother: "Give Mumzie her due, she’s a total loss otherwise, but she does have a flair for getting out of Azkaban."[5] The resentment seems justified, since Marzena is only interested in Kate when she's useful, like when she ran a cult scam using the then six-year-old Katrina as focal point.[6]

Marzena has deliberately withheld information on the identity of Kate's father as a way to bait Nacht into working for her.[7] Eventually, though, Kate discovers the truth about her parentage, freeing herself from Marzena's influence.[8]

Nacht has a legal guardian, the California superhero Sunburst.[9] "Sunny" made an effort to provide Kate with a "traditional" Christmas, with snow, caroling and festive sweaters. Kate professed not having appreciated it.[10]

She's frequently seen with Jadis Diabolik,[11] who is perhaps her closest friend.

She's usually expressionless. What little she says is usually in a flat monotone. She has been described as resembling Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams, both in appearance and in demeanor.[12] When she's not doing anything else, one of her hobbies appears to be scaring Belphegor, at least by preference.[13]

She now has a swain; Robert Rose is paying her court. He says all she has to do is tell him to go, and he'll go, and never come back; she hasn't told him to go.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Katrina was dipped by Marzena into the Erebos when she was still a baby, which make her one of the most powerful wielders of Erebeal magic in the world. [8] This allows her to manipulate shadows as a semi-solid substance, and move through shadows from one place to another, among other effects.

She also has the uncanny ability of reducing grown men to tears in a matter of minutes, just by silently staring at them.[9] Whether this is a psychic ability or just a result of her unconventional demeanor is still unknown.

She has a crystal-clear soprano singing voice with "grand opera quality", although she seldom exhibits this talent.[8]


Due to being attuned to the Erebos, she is adversely affected by exposure to moly.[14] But it has to be the real Sacred Moly, which might not be what your average gardening supply store has available.[8]

She suffers from strong nausea when using her powers to move over water.[7]

Due to the way she was treated by Marzena, Kate has a psychological inability of expressing love and similar emotions.[8] A few people, like Sunburst and Jadis, saw through this cold façade and formed close relationships with her nevertheless.


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