Nasty is a gay boy who lives in Poe and is a telepath.[1] Nasty is suggested to "fly overwatch" on a meeting between Sahar and Zenith.[1] The rest of this information is from the old wiki, presumably from the 2005 bible.

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His name is Rod Amhurst, and he is part of the class of 2008. He is a male homosexual telepath, caucasian, 5'10", 170 lbs, blood red eyes, black hair, lean but strong build.

Likes wearing motorcycle jackets, thinks he might do a good James Dean impersonation. Mutant ability is telepathy, but for some reason Rod mostly zeroes in on a person’s deepest secrets (leading to his tag name of “Nasty”). Rod doesn’t hide his sexual orientation. He took a lot of pain for this before he came to Whateley. He’s taken some trouble since, but he’s learned to use his power to avenge himself. He’s decent to friends, but he has a vicious revenge streak.

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